Residence permit in Italy

иммиграция в ИталиюCaseBellaVista provides immigration services to entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen and their families to become Italian citizens.

Foreigners who have received resident status in Italy can run their own business, receive social security, free medical care and education, as well as move freely throughout Italy, EU countries and countries with bilateral agreements with Italy — in other words, they become full citizens of the country except of the right to vote.

There are several regulations In Italian law granting the right to obtain a residence permit in Italy:

  • Business immigration

This type of immigration is suitable for those citizens who actively cooperate with Italy, which is associated with frequent visits to this country, as well as for those who are planning to buy real estate or move to Italy for permanent residence, without having incomes not related to everyday work.

  • Selected residence (residenza elettiva)

This type of immigration is suitable for citizens who want to obtain a residence permit in Italy for permanent stay, and who have fairly large and stable incoming resources that do not depend on everyday work. One of these sources may be renting any private property. You must have real estate in Italy.

  • Family reunification

One of the most popular type for immigration of family members. As a rule, it is usually used in conjunction with business immigration, when the head of the family, buys a real estate in Italy, completes business immigration, and then with his wife, children and other close relatives requests a family reunification. This residence permit allows relatives to receive medical care, attend school, university or advanced training courses, as well as participate in employment or run their own business.

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